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How Can Enquiries Be Marked as 'Done'?

Once you no longer need to view a particular BCP, follow the below steps to mark it as complete.

Once an enquiry no longer requires your attention, you can mark the Booking Conversation Page (BCP) as ‘done’ on the lefthand-side of the BCP list in the Operator Dashboard.

  • In your Operator Dashboard, visit the 'Enquiries and Bookings' section
  • Next to each enquiry you will see a grey circle. Click in this grey circle to mark an enquiry as ‘Done’
  • A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure, click yes.
  • You see the enquiry disappear a small pop-up notification letting you know that the enquiry has been marked as done. At this stage, you can undo the action if you have marked the enquiry 'Done' by mistake
  • The default filter on the right-hand side of the ‘Enquiries & Bookings’ section is displaying results for ‘Done - No’. This means that any enquiry marked complete will now disappear. If you wish to see all bookings please change the filter on the right-hand side to ‘Done - All’. This will help you to identify which enquiries still require a response from you

It is important to note that you should only mark enquiries as done once you have answered all of the passenger’s questions and they no longer require any response from you. If a customer responds to an enquiry you have previously marked as ‘done’ it will once again reappear as ‘NOT ANSWERED’ in your Bookings & Enquiries section.

Under the 'response' column you will also be able to see if the notification is a message from TourRadar by seeing "notification from TourRadar" or by the passenger by viewing it as "not answered". 


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