How to Add an Additional Passenger to a Confirmed Booking?

Follow the below steps to add additional passengers to an already confirmed booking.

A passenger may request another passenger be added to the booking after it has been confirmed. For example, there are 2 passengers already confirmed on the booking and they are looking to add another passenger (a third person).


When you receive a request to add another passenger to an already confirmed booking please follow the steps below.

  • Check if you have enough availability to confirm the additional passenger
  • If there is no availability for that particular date, advise the passenger that it is not possible to add another passenger to the booking. Feel free to offer them an alternative date where they could all travel together
  • If there is availability, inform the passenger what the cost for adding the additional passenger would be

Please note for both cases, since we have no funds on file for the new passenger, you will need to let them know that TourRadar will either charge:

  • The deposit, if we are outside of your final payment date
  • The full payment, if we are within your final payment date

Next, you will need to update the Booking Conversation Page (BCP). You can only update the BCP once the passengers have confirmed the extra cost involved.

  • To update, please click on the ‘Edit’ button located at the bottom of the price calculator on the right hand side near the booking total
  • A pop-up window will appear where you can modify the number of passengers to match the new group size, by clicking on the plus sign ‘+’ under the Travellers section
  • If the brochure price is the same when adding the new passenger the price will automatically increase by the correct amount
  • If the brochure price is higher or lower for the additional passenger, then you will need to click the “Notify TR Agent” button and we will manually update the price for you

Once you have made the changes, the passengers will need to approve the price increase.

You will receive a notification once the changes are accepted and the BCP status will reflect  ‘Confirmed’ once again.