How to Delay a Passenger’s Final Payment?

Allow a passenger to postpone their final payment (or outstanding balance) due date.

When a passenger asks to delay their final payment, it is up to your team to decide, as TourRadar abides by your Terms and Conditions. Please keep in mind that there is a chance that a passenger may cancel before we collect their full balance. If you offer to defer the final payment and a passenger cancels, you will only have the deposit amount to cover any cancellation fees.

Offering a payment delay can also be a great way to avoid a potential cancellation should a passenger be uncertain of their plans!

  • Check how many days prior to departure the final payment is currently due
  • Confirm that we have collected enough money from the passenger to cover the cancellation fees should you delay the payment (you can see the payments that have been made under the price breakdown)
  • If you are okay with delaying the final payment, advise the passenger of the new final payment due date and click “Notify TR Agent - Traveller’s Question” so that we can update it!