How to Enable TourRadar Push Notifications?

Enable TourRadar Push Notifications for new bookings and enquiries by following the steps below.

To help you stay on top of all booking requests we have a feature that will create notifications through your web browser every time a new enquiry is received.

By clicking on the notification you will be immediately redirected to your 'Operator Dashboard' - 'Enquiries & Bookings' section to answer any pending requests. Fast responses lead to more bookings, higher conversions and better ranking on TourRadar pages.

To activate this new feature simply log in to your Operator Dashboard and click 'Allow' notifications on the pop-up screen.

If you do wish to change the setting in the future, there is a specific link for each browser which allows you to amend your notification settings. Simply click the link below for your specific browser:

Once you have clicked on the link, find TourRadar in the list and make the changes required.