How to Withdraw a Tour Departure?

To cancel a tour departure after the booking has been confirmed, follow the steps below.

What is a Withdrawn Tour?
A tour departure that you need to cancel after the booking has been confirmed, due to exceptional reasons such as the departure not meeting minimum passenger numbers, conflicts in the region visited or natural disasters. 

Advising Passengers

  • Ideally, you should notify them of the cancellation 60 days prior to departure (before final payment is taken)
  • The latest you should cancel a tour is 30 days prior to departure, as the passengers will need to have enough time to make alternative plans.

Cancelling Departure

  • Send a message in the Booking Conversation Page (BCP) to the passenger, you can use one of our helpful templates. Please specify the reason why the tour is being cancelled and apologise for the inconvenience
  • In your message, you should offer any alternative dates or tours that you have that are guaranteed to depart or the option of a full refund
  • If no alternatives can be offered from your side, then advise that TourRadar will assist with finding alternatives
  • Once the message has been sent to the passenger, click on the ‘Notify TR Agent’ button and select ‘Booking Cancellation’ as a reason