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What Items Can Be Edited by Using the Price Calculator in the BCP?

Below is a list of Price Calculator Items that can be used and edited in the BCP.

When editing the Booking Conversation Page (BCP), you will be using the Price Calculator items to reflect the changes you are making to an enquiry/booking, as shown in the screenshot bellow.

You can select from an extensive list of items in order to add or remove services from the enqury/booking, or to adjust the pricing, etc. Please remember that the item's price should always be added per person.


Food Fund: Meal supplement option to add to your tours.

Transfer: Arrival or/and departure airport transfers or any other transfers not included in the itinerary

Pre/Post Accommodation: Extra nights accommodation before and after the tour start/end, not included in the main itinerary. You will need to select check-in and check-out dates and the city where you are booking the nights. 

Insurance: Travel or cancellation insurance, in case you sell these

Single Supplement: Single room supplement for solo travellers paying an additional amount to have their own room

Other: Can be used for any add-ons not listed here. You should avoid using it as it is very general and may not be clear for the traveller

Local Payment: Amount to be paid locally to the tour leader/guide for included tour services, usually paid in local currency. Please make sure the payment type is "local".

Discount: Reduction in the tour price. Please remember to add a "minus" sign when entering the amount

Cancellation Fee: For TourRadar use only

Port Charges: Any port fees usually associated to cruise trips

Flights: Domestic/international flights that are not included in the tour itinerary

Shore Excursions: Optional activities that the traveller can add to their booking, not included in the tour itinerary

Gratuities: Tips for the tour guide and other staff

Refund: For TourRadar use only

Accommodation: For upgrades to the base accommodation already included in your tour. Should not be used for any extra nights at the beggining/end of the tour. Please use the "pre/post accommodation" item in this case.

Amendment fee: Fee charged to the traveller for tour changes such as date change, name change or any other booking changes where a fees needs to be charged.