How and When Can TourRadar Be Notified?

To get assistance with a specific booking or enquiry, follow the below steps.

When you need assistance from the TourRadar team with a specific booking or sales enquiry, you can click the "Notify TR Agent" button, and our team will receive a notification.


When to Notify TourRadar

  • If a booking is ready to be cancelled (the passenger has agreed to your Terms and Conditions)
  • If a refund needs to be processed
  • If a passenger has a question about their payment method or plan
  • If a passenger has questions about their TourRadar Travel Credits
  • If a passenger has a question about their Cover Genius insurance policy

When NOT to Notify TourRadar

  • To respond to a passenger's tour questions or questions submitted by our Customer Service agents on behalf of a passenger (you can respond directly on the BCP)
  • To ask if there is a cancellation penalty (TourRadar uses your team's Terms and Conditions)
  • To add pre/post accommodation to a booking (you can do this by following the steps here

If you are notifying us to process a cancellation request, please make sure that you confirm the exact fee to avoid incorrect charges or miscommunication.