How and When Can TourRadar Be Notified?

To get assistance with a specific booking or enquiry, follow the below steps.

You can contact us from any Booking Conversation Page (BCP) by sending a message on the 'TourRadar' tab above the conversation box, and our team will receive a notification.

You will be able to select from a short list of reasons to notify TourRadar. Make sure you send us a message with any additional details to assist you.

When to message TourRadar

  • Booking Cancellation - If a passenger wishes to cancel, please advise them of your company’s cancellation Terms & Conditions and let them know that the TourRadar team will assist in processing the cancellation. Then select 'Booking Cancellation' from the drop-down menu, and send our team a message.
  • Traveller's Refund - There may be an occasion when a passenger is entitled to a refund. This could be due to an extra service being cancelled, or a passenger has requested a cancellation and your terms state they are able to reclaim some of the tour cost. In this instance, please send a message in the BCP to the passenger with the amount in your currency to be refunded, then on the TourRadar tab, select 'Traveller's Refund' from the drop-down menu, and message us with the details.
  • Traveller's Question for TourRadar - In the case where a passenger has questions about something you are unaware of such as payment issues, the TourRadar Travel Credits, Cover Genius Travel Insurance, TourRadar Promotion Codes, travel agent queries or any other question that cannot be answered by you. On the 'TourRadar' tab, select 'Traveller's question for TourRadar' from the drop-down menu and message us.
  • Traveller Complaint - We understand that from time to time a passenger may return from their tour and may not be completely satisfied with their experience. In order to prevent negative reviews or the complaint from escalating, please stay professional and polite, address the issues raised by the passenger and then inform our team of the complaint by selecting 'Traveller's Complaint' from the drop-down menu on the 'TourRadar' tab. We will then read through the correspondence between you and the passenger and provide our support in dealing with the complaint.
  • Other - Any other request that does not fit into the above sections. 

When NOT to message TourRadar

  • To respond to a passenger's tour questions or questions submitted by our Customer Service agents on behalf of a passenger (you can respond directly on the BCP)
  • To ask if there is a cancellation penalty (TourRadar uses your team's Terms and Conditions)
  • To add pre/post accommodation to a booking (you can do this by following the steps here

NOTE: If you are messaging us to process a cancellation request, please make sure that you confirm the exact fee to avoid incorrect charges or miscommunication.