How to Offer Travel Insurance in the Booking Conversation Page?

Below you will find some information on how to offer Travel Insurance to your passengers.

Travel insurance is not mandatory according to TourRadar’s Terms & Conditions, however, it is at your own discretion whether it is mandatory for a passenger to obtain travel insurance or not, in accordance with your own Terms & Conditions.

Whatever the case, it is always the operator's responsibility to lay out their rules to the passenger through the Booking Conversation Page (BCP). We also advise displaying this information on your tours ‘What's Included’ page so we are able to help enforce this for you.

Ensuring you make this clear from the start means passengers will have fewer questions and objections and are more likely to book with you sooner.

You can use our helpful 'Travel Insurance Queries' template to advise your passengers on Travel Insurance. This will advise passenger's on how to add Insurance through their BCP at the time of booking their tour or after they have booked their tour.