How to Update the Bookings & Finance Section?

Update your Instant Book Settings and Terms & Conditions in the Operator Dashboard by following the steps below.

In order to update the 'Bookings & Finance' section, log in to your TourRadar Operator Dashboard. On the top right-hand corner click on your company name to access the drop-down menu where you will select 'Profile' - 'Bookings & Finance'

Instant Book

  • Select whether you are able to offer your tours on an 'Instant Book' basis 
  • Enter 'Minimum Days Before Departure' in the text box provided
  • Enter 'Minimum Available Seats On Departures' in the text box provided
  • Please take note of the prompts on the right-hand side
  • Save the changes by clicking the 'Save Operator'

Terms & Conditions

  • Email a copy to and we will update this for you