What Is a 48-Hour Hold?

Below you will find some information on what happens when a passenger places a 48 hour old on a tour.

One of the unique features that TourRadar offers passengers is to ‘hold’ (reserve) their spot on a certain tour for one 48-hour period without committing to the tour with a payment. This gives passengers time to get their necessary affairs in order and makes the reserved spot on the tour temporarily unavailable to other passengers until the hold is released or expires.

This feature is only available for tours that are available on ‘Instant Book’, meaning that you, as the Tour Operator, must is able to guarantee the tour will depart.

This will only be offered if the hold is requested within the set parameters for Instant Book. If the passenger wants to book the tour they’ve placed a hold on, you must be able to confirm it.

Once activated, the ‘Hold my space for 48 hours’ option will show in the following places:

  • On the ‘Tour Details Page’ under the Book Now button for each applicable departure date
  • On the ‘Booking Page’ at the top of the page before the passenger’s details section

Hold Requests

When a passenger requests a 48-hour hold, you will receive an email notification. The request will also show up on your Operator Dashboard in the Enquiries & Bookings section with a Status: Pending and Type: Hold. A countdown of the 48 hours will show under the hold label.

We encourage you to start communicating with the passenger right away in the Booking Conversation Page (BCP) to increase the chances of turning the hold into a confirmed booking!

Hold Converting to Booking

If the passenger decides to book, you will get an email notification and the booking will show up on your operator dashboard. Proceed as you usually would with a booking confirmation.

Hold Expiry After 48 Hours

The hold will expire automatically after 48 hours. At this point, the spot originally held on TourRadar will be released, and you will get an email notification. The hold will show as Status: Declined and Type: Hold on the Operator Dashboard.