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Which Templates Can Be Used in the Booking Conversation Page?

Included in the list below is a variety of different templates that can be used to reply to passengers in the BCP.

To make it easier and quicker for you to reply to passengers, we have set up response templates in the Booking Conversation Page (BCP). These pre-set texts can be selected and inserted in the passengers BCP, you just simply need to adjust the content to match the specific enquiry.

Here is a list of templates we have provided for your use on BCP’s and what scenario they should be used in.


COVID-19: Credit for Future Tours (CFFT) & Re-Booking Initiatives

  • Confirm New Availability/Dates: To contact Passengers who have CFFT when you have new departure dates available to re-book their tour
  • Follow up on CFFT: To follow up on passengers that have been offered CFFT but have not approved it yet, prompting them to ‘accept changes’
  • Cancellation Delay Tactics: To prevent a cancellation when the departure date is still months away
  • Offer Date Change: Offer passenger date change instead of offering CFFT
  • Options Excluding Refunds: When you are unable to offer a refund but can offer an alternative option
  • Credit for Future Tours (options for passengers cancelling): Offering passengers CFFT
  • Rebooking Initiatives: When offering passengers complementary Add-on/upgrade options
  • Reduce Final Payment Date: Offering passengers the option to extend the final payment date without incurring cancellation fees


General Booking

  • Quote Request: When a passenger requests a quote to be provided for a specific date/tour
  • Private Quote: When a passenger requests a quote to be provided for a private tour
  • General Enquiry Response: Use when responding to general questions
  • Confirm 48 Hour Hold: When a passenger has requested a 48-hour hold and you are waiting for them to book the tour
  • On Request - General: When a booking needs to be requested and will take a few days to confirm 
  • Confirmed Booking: When you have confirmed a passengers booking
  • Follow up on Enquiry: To follow up on passengers when they have been unresponsive
  • Request Flight Details: If you need a passenger to provide their flight details
  • Withdrawn Tour Template: When you need to withdraw a departure and can offer alternatives



  • VISA Queries: If passengers are requesting Visa information
  • Passenger Early Departure: When a passenger wishes to leave a tour early 
  • Travel Insurance Queries - If a passenger would like more information about purchasing Travel Insurance
  • Price Variation post Confirmation: When you display promotions on a tour after a passenger has a confirmed booking and they ask for the discount to be applied but you are unable to apply it
  • USA visiting Cuba: US Citizens enquiring about Cuba tours
  • Flight Queries: When passengers enquire about flights to and from the tour
  • To find out more on how to access any of the above templates, please take a look at How To Use Booking Confirmation Page Templates.