How to Filter Bookings by Credit for Future Tours?

Filtering bookings on Credit for Future Tours

In order to apply a filtered view to see which bookings have 'Credit for Future Tours' (CFFT) enabled, log in to your Operator Dashboard. It will automatically take you to the Tours Section. Select the 'Enquiries & Bookings' tab

  • On the left-hand side, you will see a filter by the 'Credit for Future Tours' button, select 'yes' you will see all bookings that have this feature enabled. (Please remember to select 'Done - All' to display all bookings with CFFT applied)
  • These bookings will also have an orange icon reading 'Credit for Future'
  • Until the passenger selects a new departure date, the date displayed on your dashboard will be the departure date the passenger had originally booked.
  • Read 'Apply CFFT to a Booking' for how to proceed when a passenger selects a new travel date