How to Apply or Change Credit for Future Tours to a Booking?

Apply Credit for Future Tours to a Booking

You will need to send the offer of Credit for Future Tours (CFFT) to the passenger through the Booking Conversation Page (BCP).

For the best practice of how to do that, please follow the below steps within BCP:

  • Click the "Place CFFT" button on the green bar at the top of the page.
  • Ensure you advise the passenger on the Booking Conversation Page (BCP) of any Terms & Conditions specific to your CFFT offer. You can use the pre-loaded template ‘Credit for Future Tours’ (Option for passenger cancelling) - please adjust as needed.
  • This will send the request to the passenger and will be pending their acceptance
  • Once the passenger has accepted the CFFT this will change the status of the booking to Credit for Future Tours
  • When the passenger is ready to use the credit, follow the steps outlined in Rebooking a passenger with Credit for Future Tours
  • If you need to change the 'book by' and 'travel by' dates on a specific booking, in case you are extending CFFT, you can do so by clicking on the small pencil next to the dates, as shown below: