What Is Credit For Future Tours?

Credit For Future Tours is the functionality that allows us to offer passengers the option to keep a credit on file until they are ready to re-book their tour.

TourRadar has developed a system that enables Operators to offer passengers a Credit for Future Tours (previously named Credit on File) for payments they have already made so they can re-book their travel at a later date instead of immediately cancelling their plans. (Note: The amount credited to the passengers will be no more than the funds they have already paid and passenger can only use the funds to re-book with your brand).

Please see ‘AUTOMATION FEATURES’ at the bottom of this post for ways our team can help with bulk postponements affecting 15 bookings or more.

How it works

  • In the Booking Conversation Page (BCP) when a passenger requests to cancel their booking with you or if you have cancelled a departure, if you choose to do so, you can offer them the option of taking their ’Credit for Future Tours' to travel at a later date instead of paying a cancellation fee or offering a refund right away
  • The more flexible you are, the more likely a passenger will not want to cancel. In order to apply a Credit for Future Tour to a booking, you should decide in which cases you will provide a credit on file to the passenger - any or all of them can apply for your brand:
  1. If a passenger has already made full payment and wants to cancel a tour you are still operating
  2. If the passenger has only made a deposit payment and wants to cancel a tour you are still operating
  3. If you as the operator are postponing the trip and the passenger has only paid the deposit
  4. If you as the operator are postponing the trip and the passenger has already made full payment
  • As the Operator, in the BCP you will need to confirm you are able to offer the Credit for Future Tour and the terms and conditions. We have drafted some standard terms and conditions which you can review and adapt to your own purposes or you can provide your own terms and conditions - it all depends on what you want to offer your passengers
  • Once you have confirmed these details the passenger will have to agree to these terms and conditions and once they agree the booking will automatically be transferred to Credit for Future Tour. We will place all of the funds paid on to our Credit for Future Tour feature which holds the funds secure for the passenger to use with your brand in the future
  • Once the passenger has decided on a new travel date, the passenger will request the booking through the same BCP they had for their original booking so you will not lose any previous communication with the passenger. Our Operator Support Team can assist you and your teams in updating the BCP to show the new tour and departure dates the passenger is requesting and then the system will work as per normal bookings

This is an ‘opt-in’ feature. You do not have to use it as we understand that it won’t suit all Tour Operators and their specific contracting arrangements but is a proactive measure we’ve taken to encourage passengers to postpone their travels with operators instead of cancelling them.

AUTOMATION FEATURES: If you need to postpone tours due to Covid19 and you have more than 15 bookings through TourRadar which are affected, please contact your Business Development Manager or email us at bdms@tourradar.com - we have a process that can automatically transfer the affected BCP’s from ‘Confirmed Booking’ to ‘Credit for Future Tour’ status and we can add a message from you regarding the updated terms and conditions. This streamlines the process and will help reduce the volume of calls and messages you receive.