How to Change a Confirmed Booking?

To add extra services or make changes to a confirmed booking, follow the below steps.

After having their tour confirmed, passengers may need to add extra services to their booking such as adding an extra nights accommodation or airport transfers, or they may wish to make changes to it such as changing the departure date or adding additional passengers.

Please follow the below steps to edit their Booking Conversation Page (BCP):

  • Quote the passenger as per their request. In the BCP, please send a friendly and informative message to the passenger or use one of our helpful templates and be sure to include the cost of the service they want to add, as well as any fees associated with the change. Please remember to advise if the price is per person, per room, each way etc and clearly state the currency you are quoting in (your base currency)
  • It is important to state the amount in your base currency and mention the name of the currency (e.g. AUD instead of $, or USD instead of $)
  • Wait for the passenger to confirm in writing that they want the additional service or change
  • Once the passenger has confirmed, you can edit the booking page by clicking on ‘Edit’ on the top right-hand side under the ‘Trip Details’ section 

Add Date & Pricing

Change Departure Date

Change Tour

Add an Additional Passenger to a confirmed Booking

Add Pre/Post Accommodation

Adding a Local Payment

Add a Passenger Discount 

How to change a tour on the Booking Conversation Page

  • Double-check that all the information that you have added or changed is correct. Please note passengers receive notifications every time the booking is updated, so ideally you will not want to update the page more once!
  • Click on ‘Save’
  • Advise the passenger in writing that their services have been added, awaiting their final approval

The passenger will either accept or decline the changes to their booking.

  • If the changes are declined by the passenger they will leave a note letting you know why they declined it. TourRadar will have to manually revert the changes made to the booking page, so please allow us some time to do this
  • If the changes are confirmed, TourRadar will take care of collecting the additional payment for these changes

Reminder: Please do not confirm any services or changes on your system until the passenger approves the changes made in their BCP.